Learn about types of web hostings

Many people run their activities online through their websites. In order to create and manage websites, clients need to have a platform that will link their websites to the outside world and this platform happens to be on servers managed through web hosting services by some companies. Web hosting can, thus, be said to be Internet services that enable clients’ websites to be accessible by the external world (on the Web) through Internet.

Role of Web Hosts

Companies providing web hosting services to individual clients provide server spaces and Internet connectivity without an intermediary. In addition to dealing with clients directly, these web hosts also provide the same space and Internet connectivity to other server owners who, then, resell the services to other clients.

Types of Web Hosting

Web hosts provide plans/services for both simple and complex web hosting needs. Whether clients have simple hosting needs such as personal blogging or emailing, or complex needs, such as online trading and employee management among other needs, there is a web hosting service that caters for their needs.
Available web hostings include shared hosting, free hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, reseller, managed colocation, clustered, homepage and grid hosting among others.

Free Web Hosting

This type of hosting is offered by many companies, but unfortunately has limited services. The services are mostly free of charge or inexpensive and web hosts benefit from advertisements placed by other users.

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting grants clients their own servers; in effect giving them the freedom to manage their own server as they wish. Although the client has full access and control over their allocated server, they do not own it. The security and responsibility of the servers maintenance lies with the client.

Managed Web Hosting

This is more like dedicated hosting, but the client does not have the full control or access that the client in dedicated hosting has. Basic management and control are given to the client by the provider, such as data transfers through FTP, but the provider restricts full control so that the client does not edit or mistakenly cause problems that would compromise the quality of the provided services. Get the best Siteground Managed Hosting Coupon here.

Clustered Web Hosting

This type of hosting involves the use of many servers to host one’s content. It gives highly reliable web hosting, especially for dedicated servers.

Cloud Web Hosting

This powerful hosting offers clients more reliable services than other types of hosting because the servers are load-balanced. This means that the failure of a single hardware in the server’s chain may not necessarily disrupt the service delivery as the others compensate for the defaulted computer. The service is decentralized and as such, loss of power in one region does not result in the shut down of all servers; other regions’ servers step-in. One major advantage of cloud hosting is that it does not mass-charge, but enables clients to pay per use.

Shared hosting

Many websites share the same server and other resources; making it hard for individual clients to obtain other software and or update already existing features. This hosting is commonly available with reseller plans.
Unlike the free web hosting, paid hosting offer a wider variety of hosting features such as bandwidth, space, supported emails, Google ad credits and video hosting among others. Check out this best shared hosting plan by GoDaddy and use this Godaddy Hosting Coupon to get their economy hosting package at just $1 per month. Here is BlueHost Shared Hosting Promo Code that you can use.